Who we are...

Sunyuu is a leader in the design and manufacturing of checking fixtures and gauges for both interior and exterior plastic parts, stamped steel components and much more.

Why choose us...

We Sunyuu commited to producing world class gauges and checking fixtures that will meet or exseed your requiements in quality, timing and price. We Sunyuu strives to be the leading innovator in fixture and gauge solutions. The way in which we achieve this goal is by continuously improving our engineering, manufacturing and management systems, all the while maintaning an enviroment that encourages creativity, growth and achievement.

  • CMM Holding Fixtures
  • Testing Fixtures
  • Handhed Fixtures
  • SPC Gauge & Fixtures
  • Go/Nogo Gauges
  • Inspection Checking Fixtures
  • Assembly Fixtures & Gauges
  • Welding Fixtures & Jig